TAKING CARE of YOUR BUSINESS – Employee Mental Well Being Training for Employers

TAKING CARE of YOUR BUSINESS – Employee Mental Well Being Training for Employers

Do you know how much mental ill health costs your organisation?

It is estimated that work-related mental ill health costs the UK economy up to £26 billion every year through lost working days affecting staff turnover and lower productivity.

Actively encouraging good mental health in your workplace will mean increased efficiency, reduced staff turnover and consequently bigger profits.

Following requests from some of customers looking to reduce the impact of poor mental well being on their employees and business, we have developed a new programme to help businesses to take action.

Attending this training will show employers that by taking a few simple and inexpensive steps they can look to save up to 30% mental health related costs to their business.

Mental Illness isn’t selective; it can happen to any person, in any industry, yet it still remains an issue that employees are reluctant to raise and employers are equally reluctant to admit it exits in the workplace despite the impact on efficiency within their businesses.

During the programme we will consider the following issues:

• Understanding poor workplace well-being and the effects on businesses.

• Influencing factors – the job, organisation, relationships, personal issues, professional development.

• Promoting & planning for mentally healthy workplaces – what would that look like?

• How mentally healthy is your workplace – simple assessment tools

• Supporting Employees and tackling the causes of Mental Illness

• Taking Action – reaping the benefits!

This training is appropriate for Business Owners, Managers, HR/Personnel Officers and anyone involved in the supervision of employees

For further information and prices and to book a course please contact us info@tutelatraining.co.uk

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