What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

Have you ever been driving somewhere and arrived at your destination only to realise you remember nothing about your journey? Most people have! This is just one of many common examples of “mindlessness,” or “going on automatic pilot.”
It’s easy to lose awareness of the present moment as when we become lost in our efforts to juggle work, home, finances, and other conflicting demands
Our human minds are easily distracted, habitually examining past events and trying to anticipate the future. Becoming more aware of our thoughts, feelings and sensations may not sound like an obviously helpful thing to do, however learning to do this in a way that suspends judgement and self-criticism can have an incredibly positive impact on our lives.
Sometimes we seem to be “not present” in our own lives, we may not recognise what is good in our lives, focussing on the negatives and filling our heads with damaging thoughts.
Mindfulness can be thought of as a way of starting to pay attention to and being clearer about what is actually happening in our lives, helping us to respond more calmly to life’s pressures in a way that will benefit our hearts and minds.
The benefits of Mindfulness include:
• Helping individuals to:
• Recognise, slow down or stop automatic and habitual reactions.
• Respond more effectively to complex or difficult situations.
• See situations more clearly
• Become more creative
• Achieve balance and resilience at work and at home
According to Jon Kabat-Zinn , “mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non- judgmentally.”
Mindfulness is for anyone no matter what your age, background or walk of life and for those who practice the meditation and movement techniques it provides a way of learning to slow down or stop brain chatter and automatic or habitual reactions, experiencing the present moment as it really is.
There are lots of ways of finding out more and lots of practitioners who can help you learn Mindfulness, search the internet to find support near you.

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